Mergers & Acquisitions

Innisfree has made its reputation from our clients’ success in complex merger transactions and unsolicited acquisition proposals. In “bet the company” situations, Innisfree is frequently retained to replace a company’s regular solicitation firm.

Whether the transaction is a tender offer or a shareholder vote, by utilizing our ActiveIQ™ analytic capabilities, Innisfree provides clients with projected tender or voting scenarios, which are the basis for developing customized engagement campaigns for institutional, retail, and employee shareholders. The key to success is our ability to track, identify and understand the shifting dynamics of a company’s shareholder base following the announcement of a merger or proposed transaction.

If Innisfree’s shareholder analysis shows that specific investor or voting advisory recommendations may be outcome determinative, we will work closely with our client and its other advisors in preparing presentation materials that address particular concerns. Our access to retail shareholders and deep relationships with the arbitrage community enable us to keep an “ear to the ground” in both friendly and hostile M&A transactions, enhancing the continuing effectiveness of the solicitation strategy.