Annual Meetings

In today’s world, companies cannot afford to treat their annual meeting as routine–no matter what items are on the agenda. Annual meeting shareholder engagement, including outreach to the institutional investor governance community, is a critical component of a company’s broader, year-round investor relations program.

In preparing for annual meetings, Innisfree helps companies understand “hot button” governance issues. We review key proxy disclosures in advance to identify any issues that may be raised by large investors or proxy advisory firms.

Utilizing our ActiveIQ™ analytic capabilities, Innisfree provides clients with vote projections that form the basis of our customized shareholder engagement campaigns. As the annual meeting approaches, we refine the campaign to incorporate real-time shareholder feedback and the voting data identified by Innisfree’s analytics team.

Following the shareholder meeting, Innisfree helps companies understand the ramifications of the voting results and works with clients to develop any appropriate follow-up investor engagement or governance changes.