Our Methodology

Innisfree’s integrated strategic advice is informed by decades of experience and best-in-class analytics, ActiveIQ. We approach each assignment as a four-stage process: alert, advise, engage, deliver.


  • Identify and interpret anomalous stock accumulations
  • Evaluate expected levels of support among shareholders in votes and tender offers
  • Report first indications of developing market concerns


  • Analyze strengths and challenges in relation to key investor constituencies, including voting advisory firms
  • Provide strategic counsel and recommendations to address issues effectively
  • Candidly assess likelihood of success and explore options for best-case outcomes


  • Map strategies for effective and timely communications with shareholders
  • Thoroughly prepare client participants for successful engagement with key investors and proxy advisory firms
  • Organize and oversee all phases of shareholder outreach


  • Execute strategy with precision and commitment
  • Analyze and interpret ongoing voting or tender results
  • Evaluate and adapt strategy and outreach efforts as appropriate